Arie Napoletane

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Decca, 2015 

Max Emanuel Cencic

Maxim Emelyanychev 

Il Pomo d'Oro 

A festival for all baroque and countertenor enthusiasts!

On his new solo album »Arie Napoletane«, the high-profile countertenor Max Cencic focuses on the music city of Naples in the Baroque era. Cencic sings arias by Porpora, Vinci, Scarlatti and other musicians of the time, who composed for talented castrati.

This album has some discoveries and several world premieres to offer. Just as "Rokoko" already contained an additional recording of Hasse's mandolin concertos, there is also a bonus track on "Arie Napoletane" in the form of Auletta's Concerto in D major for harpsichord, two violins and figured bass, interpreted by Maxim Emelyanychev.

As one of the most renowned countertenors of our time, Cencic shows his many facets on this album, which makes it a must have among all countertenor and baroque fans.

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