HASSE: Siroe, re di Persia

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World premiere recording
Decca, 2014 
3 CD

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699 – 1783)

Siroe, re di Persia


Siroe - Max Emanuel Cencic

Laodice - Julia Lezhneva

Medarse - Franco Fagioli

Emira - Mary-Ellen Nesi

Cosroe - Juan Sancho

Arasse - Laurne Snouffer

Armonia Atenea

George Petrou


The world-premiere recording of Siroe re di Persia by Johann Adolf Hasse, whose music encapsulates the refined aristocratic cultural tastes of the European Ancien Régime.

Offering true musical fireworks and delights, Siroe is led by Max Cencic in the title role with the vital orchestra of Armonia Atenea and their high-powered conductor, George Petrou: the same vibrant partnership which saw their first album on Decca, Handel's Alessandro, won a clutch of top awards.

Cencic is supported by a truly stunning cast, with Decca's award winning Julia Lezhneva, countertenor Franco Fagioli, Juan Sancho, Mary-Ellen Nesi, and Lauren Snouffer.

...For Mr. Cencic, none of the conventional limitations of a countertenor voice apply. . . the music
of Hasse inspires him to a display of tremendous artistry. [Voix des Arts]

Remarkably famous during his lifetime, the composer Hasse was acclaimed by his contemporaries as one of the most important artists of the 18th Century: the greatest singers of the time clamoured to perform in his operas.

Renowned for his gifts as a melodist, in Siroe Hasse offers a feast of rare vocal delights in the telling. 

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