The 5 Countertenors

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"The 5 Countertenors" celebrates the fine art of the countertenor.


Decca, 2015

Max Emanuel Cencic

Yuriy Mynenko

Valer Sabadus

Xavier Sabata

Vince Yi


George Petrou – Armonia Atenea

Five of the most renowned countertenors bring the rich world of baroque opera to new life and carry you off into the fascinating expressive diversity of this dramatic genre. On the album "The 5 Countertenors" Max Emanuel Cenic, Xavier Sabata, Yuriy Mynenko, Vince Yi and Valer Sabadus demonstrate their virtuosity 

The highs and lows of human emotions are reflected in bravura arias from Bertoni's "Tancredi", Galuppi's "Penelope" or Handel's "Xerxes". Each of these five exceptional artists uses his musical individuality to express the wide range of passions 

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